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Some of the performers who have appeared at the folk nights

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Fred Smith

Fred Smith is one of Australia’s most remarkable artists. He has spent the last 10 years all over the globe: doing peace work in the war torn islands of the South Pacific; touring in America and travelling the Australian festival circuit where he has earned a reputation as a prolific and dynamic songwriter.              Website

Fred Smith & Penelope Swales

Penelope Swales


                                              Johnny Huckle

Award winning artist, Johnny Huckle, has had more hits on the radio than Anthony Mundine does in the boxing ring. From the Opera, travelling Australia and the world, this singing dynamo's audiences don't leave until he has left the building. He can bring a tear to your eye, make you want to dance, sing along, inspire hope and leave you in deep thought. His magic is drawn from his own life experience as a son, father, husband, and friend. As a child who suffered illness and pain, experienced violence, racial discrimination, and as a man healing himself from the past he is an inspiration as he promotes healing to others through his wonderful music.

                Broomhall, Spillane & De Santi

John Broomhall, Johnny Spillane and David De Santi have been part of the Australian folk music scene for over 20 years performing in various bands and contributing to the organisation of festivals and events. They all enjoy performing Australian material and sharing it as well in sessions and informal workshops and performances.

John sings and plays guitar; Johnny plays whistles and Dave wheezes on the piano accordion, button accordion and concertina.

John has been a prolific songwriter in the traditional Australian folk style with a number of albums: Broken Hill Miner, Free as the Breeze and Driftin Down the Darling.

                             Martin Pearson

Martin is a comedian with a keen eye for making everyday events so mundane that they are laughable. A parody writer of renown and a singer of some notes. Martin is also a folk singer, who longs for serious recognition in much the same way as a flatworm longs for Reeboks. He can on occasion, and in the true folk tradition, sing songs so maudlin that audience members may attempt to end it all by throwing themselves into a pint of guinness.

Martin Pearson writes songs that tickle your funny bone and your fancy but hit a nerve every time. We like him because he makes us laugh, but also because he makes us think.

Martin Pearson

                                  Alistair Hulett & David Rovics

Alistair Hulett is a singer of intensity, integrity and conviction, but although much of his writing is hard edged social and political commentary which challenges any hint of passivity in his audience, he doesn’t let the ideology overpower the imaginative lyricism of his writing. He combines rich vocal tonality, deceptively understated guitar style and articulate incisive introductions in a relaxed presentation. He is a singer and writer of stature and Australia’s loss is most definitely our gain.’ The Living Tradition UK

David Rovics has been called the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US. Amy Goodman has called him the musical version of Democracy Now! Since the mid-90's Rovics has spent most of his time on the road, playing hundreds of shows every year throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Japan. He and his songs have been featured on national radio programs in the US, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere. He has shared the stage regularly with leading intellectuals (Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn), activists (Medea Benjamin, Ralph Nader), politicians (Dennis Kucinich, George Galloway), musicians (Billy Bragg, the Indigo Girls), and celebrities (Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon). He has performed at dozens of massive rallies throughout North America and Europe and at thousands of conferences, college campuses and folk clubs throughout the world.

David Hyams is one of Western Australia's most accomplished composers, producers, and multi - instrumentalists. Playing acoustic, electric and steel guitars, as well as mandolin, bass and bouzouki, he has performed in a wide range of musical styles, from blues, rock and country to the progressive folk of popular WA acts Devils on Horseback, The Press Gang and Reel to

A respected session guitarist and producer, David is known for his work with a range of Western Australian singer songwriters, including Lynn Hazelton, Lara Stephen and Bernard Carney.

David continues to work from his Fremantle base as a full time musician, composer and producer. He is a member of ArtsWA's contemporary music panel and longstanding WAM board member, being elected to the President's position in April 2006.

From David’s profile on The Miles to go web site

David Hyams

David Hyams and the Miles To Go Trio

# # # #

The Beez

In The House

        The Beez have furnished their house with musical bric-a-brac from around the world – a potpourri of moving, silly, deep and sometimes meaningless pop and rock songs. These songs are, however, anything but common or garden variety. The four tonal interior decorators from the Beez rearrange and craft a song until a certain stylistically unmistakable Beez Feng Shui emerges.The Beez are at home on any stage and travel light-four voices, two acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and an accordion and, it has to be said, more than a few costumes…The Beez are renowned as excellent hosts, serving lavish lashings of humour and musicality guaranteed to charm every audience. Their programme ‘’In the House” is (with or without electricity) like a luxury penthouse on the roof of pop and rock history in which everyone finds a sunny room with a view.

The Beez

Marcus Sturrock

      Marcus is an exceptional guitarist who has played at many of the major festivals both here and overseas. He has composed and played music for dance, theatre, radio, theatre and tv. He is listed in the Who’s Who of Rock and Roll and has performed with such artists as Robin Lumley (of David Bowie, Pink Floyd fame), Darryl Braithwaite and Tony McManus “the best Celtic guitarist in the World” and many more. His passion weaves an eclectic heartfelt mix of tunes and songs form Celtic to funk, Middle Eastern and more. Marcus sometimes uses one hand to play melodies or chords, his other hand simultaneously creates drum tones and rhythms on the guitar body. Through this Marcus has forged a truly unique sound from the acoustic guitar. Melody harmony and in your face rhythm on the one instrument which is absolutely astounding.

Marcus is not merely an adept guitarist, he has the happy ability to play music rather than just notes and to infect the audience with his own joy. Doug Spencer (Producer/presenter ‘The Planet’ ABC Radio National.


Ami Williamson

       Ami Williamson is one of the new breed of Urban Folk singers in the tradition of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Paul Kelly.

       Ami has worked in many of the top venues, Festivals and Hotels inAustralia, and has shared the stage with many International artists such as Kristina Olsen, Hans Tressink, Joan Carden, John Butler, The Angels, The Whitlams, Eric Bogle, Beccy Cole, Angry Anderson to name a few. Early this year Ami “Stole the show” (Sydney Morning Herald) in The Musical “Quambatook”.

       Ami’s songs are inspired by her experiences from when she lived in Europe, and on the road throughout Australia with her father John Williamson.  

      Ami’s show features her many versatile talents from her fabulous piano playing, a fan dance song to a highly original opera aria, where she accompanies herself on drums!

Ami Williamson

 About fergusson by Fergusson

I could write some old tosh about deeper meanings and tortured childhoods, but I'm already bored - basically I play and sing using acoustic guitars in various tunings and of course the Irish Bouzouki. I'm not the greatest but I'm not the worst either, self indulgent? most certainly, got a couple of screws loose? look you don't get on stage and sing your own songs to a crowd of strangers without being a tad troubled, entertaining? of course I bloody am. Why should you listen to the songs? well you already here so you might as well. I know I should be telling you all about my magnificent musical past, but really that all doesn't matter, what matters are the songs that I sing now - and gosh, look I finally got of my arse and loaded some, and they're straight off the album "Sam" - a difficult birth to say the least, completed last Dec 2008. So now the decent thing for all of you to do is to buy a copy, struggling musician me!

Fergusson Elliott

Derek Bruce

     Derek Bruce has been involved with the folk music scene since the early 1970s and for the majority of that decade he worked as a full time musician touring schools in South Australia and Northern Territory presenting programs featuring Australian folklore and folk music. These programs were supported by the Arts councils of both South Australia and Northern Territory.  

     Derek has played in a number of different folk groups and one in particular named Tanami performed at major theatres and supported internationally renowned performers.  Tanami also regularly appeared on the program sponsored by Fosters Brewery in the Grand Prix celebrations. This band was also invited to tour oversees in a cultural exchange program sponsored by the South Australian government.

       Derek Moved to Canberra in 1990 to take up a position as a High School teacher but he has continued his interest in folk music and regularly attended folk venues and festivals since that time.

      His repertoire includes a variety of styles including original material, traditional and contemporary English, Irish, American and Australian folk music plus a sprinkling of Blues.

       Derek has learned to play a variety of musical instruments and enjoys playing a variety of musical styles.

Supporting Derek

     Luke Bond from Bungendore is going to be with us once again, with others from the Bond Traps family (-plus) band.  Not quite sure yet whether all band members will be able to be there but they'll be making a lively sound, no matter what.  They're great fun and always highly entertaining.

     "Swoon make music that takes your heart, dances with it then puts it back beating stronger than ever"*. A dynamic Folk Rock duo comprised of Angela Smith on vocals and percussion and Josh Notting on guitar, vocals, stompbox and foot tambourine.

       Starting up in July 2006 their magical songwriting partnership and passionate onstage delivery has seen them go from strength to strength. Playing support for Powderfinger & Silverchair on the Across the Great Divide Tour, Glen Shorrock, Deborah Conway, Andrew Morris, Dave Flower and well known Australian folk act Jigzag. The festival credits to their name are the Yungaburra, Palm Creek, Wintermoon and Springfest folk festivals.

*Jonathan Dykyj

Program Director of 4CRM


        The Lurkers - IMHO - are the most exciting group to hit the local folk scene since Taliesin back in the early 90s!

       "Subversive homespun bluegrass" is the apt summary this Sydney threesome uses to describe their music. Despite their youth (average age 27), they're well-grounded in traditional music, especially the American song tradition, with avowed heroes Woody Guthrie, Joe Hili, Pete Seeger and Bertold Brecht. Their voices and their instruments are their weapons in their struggle for Clirnate Action.

       A whole lexicon and philosophy surrounds the Lurkers. Are you feeling lurky? Get lurked! Lurking is defined as an act of "anti-humourless political activism" and the three purveyors are Pretty Boy Floyd (Martin Cubby - guitar, harmonica), Desert Rat Shorty (Mithra Cox - banjo) and the Weary Hobo ((Nicholas Mueller- double bass and banjo mandolin).

      Their debut album - "Shoot to the Moon" - features 13 original songs. They share the writing and the lead vocals and their grass roots principles show in that they raised funds for the recording through busking; they've released the CD under a Creative Commons Licence (meaning that they are happy for people to copy and share the songs for creative and non-commercial use) and in this way hope to empower people to make their own music and be active in their communities. The songs communicate themselves readily because they draw from their direct experience and most have choruses.

Margaret Walters    


The Lurkers

# # # #

James Keelaghan

James 11th CD, House of cards was released on October 12 2009 by Borealis records. 10 new originals, some of them co-writes with such folk luminaries as David Francey, Karine Polwart and Rose Cousins make it one of his best yet.

Called Canada’s finest singer-songwriter by one of the most respected music journalists of the last 50 years, James Keelaghan is an artist who has proven to be a man for all seasons.

As the calendar pages have turned, for almost a quarter of a century now, this poet laureate of the folk and roots music world has gone about his work with a combination of passion, curiosity intent and intensity.

His masterful story telling has, over the course of nine recordings, been part of the bedrock of his success, earning Keelaghan nominations and awards - including a Juno (Canada's Grammy) - and acclaim from Australia to Scandinavia.

Possessed of an insatiable appetite for finding the next unique story line, Keelaghan forges his pieces with brilliant craftsmanship and monogrammed artistic vision, making him one of the most distinctive and readily identifiable voices on both the Canadian and international singer-songwriter scenes.  

His journey has attracted fans of literate and layered songwriting to join him on his artistic expeditions, some of which weave their way through marvelously etched historical stories with underlying universal themes, others of which mine the depths of the soul and the emotional trails of human relations.

His songbook has enlightened, enthralled, and been embraced, by audiences around the world.

Jane Ellis

"Songs We Love To Sing"

- a midwinter night of song.

Local musician, Jane Ellis, will be joined by friends  -  


Jane Campbell, Maggie Murphy, Cliff Gilbert, Alex Gilbert and Mick Fogarty to present a selection of "Songs We Love To Sing".

From the Australian, British and American Folk traditions, the songs have easy choruses and harmonies that will warm the heart and voice!

Please come along  and join in!

Also adding to the entertainment

April Maze

Since November 2009 April Maze have been in the studio recording their debut album 'Recycled Soul' with producers Hugh McDonald (Redgum) and Ian Pritchett (Angus and Julia Stone, The Beautiful Girls).

After three successful self produced EPs, the full length album features this alternative folk duo's strongest material to date.

Delivered with soul and sincerity their tuneful songs are complimented by cello, stomp box, guitars, banjo and strong male female harmonies - a distinctive sound that has been given justice on this beautifully produced record.


     In just a couple of years Canberra's ‘Celtic big band’, Humbug, has established itself as a truly popular and accomplished performer of Celtic folk music. With distinctive vocal harmonies and rich instrumental backing, Humbug’s material ranges from poignant Robbie Burns’ songs, to haunting traditional Irish and Scottish ballads and rousing renditions of favourite Celtic ‘sing-alongs’.

    Since getting together in 2007, the band has grown to become Canberra’s own Celtic big band and regularly play at the Canberra Burns Club and The Merry Muse folk club. Festival credits include Beechworth Celtic Festival, Music at the Creek, the National Folk Festival, Turning Wave Festival and the inaugural Snowy Mountains of Music and Tuross Music Festivals.

   Humbug members love a singalong and welcome the opportunity to use their experience to conduct singing sessions at festivals, clubs and parties. Their combined backgrounds - conducting and performing in community choirs and singing and playing various styles of folk and country music for 35 years - ensure a fun-filled singalong.

Tim McMillan

    Tim McMillan has an entirely original sense of style and arrangement in his approach to songwriting, and an ability to play an acoustic guitar quite unlike any other artist.

   Tim is quirky, to say the least, and obviously incredibly intelligent and skilled. When he fuels his energy into his guitar playing, it is truly incredible.

   Tim’s been playing his unique (and freak) brand of what he calls “acoustic, Viking metal/power folk – a fusion of ecclectic styles that includes flamenco, blues, finger style, classical and Latin Jazz – for well over a decade now, garnering much praise for his incredible chops.

   Tim introduces most songs with a quiet and intimate chat to the audience; his strange but intriguing stories often describing the inspiration for the song, or simply where he was when he wrote it.

Buck and Deanne

     Paul Buckberry, a.k.a Buck, is part hoodoo man, part truck driver, part nifty  blues guitar player. He lives by busking old Carl Perkins tunes and selling CDs that he claims are hallucinogenic and more mind-liberating than sex.

      He met Deanne Dale, a.k.a. Deanne, in 2007 at a kazoo workshop at the inaugural Choir-Sluts Festival in Wombat, NSW and was instantly smitten with her glorious pipes and well-shaken egg.

      Together they began touring  Australia, playing Country, Folk & Blues festivals between Woy Woy and Wonthaggi.

      Buck & Deanne play guitars & kazoos. They sing about the facts of life & electric chairs. It's steamy blues & swinging country waltzes. Like a 57 Chevy with Tex Morton, Bob Dylan, Johnny & June, & a crackly AM  radio, their music cruises at a cool pace with no rear view mirror.

Peter Hicks

     Peter Hicks is a folk singer and singer-songwriter very much in the tradition of the likes of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

     His songs have their roots in the everyday lives and experiences of everyday people, and in the issues of greatest concern to us all.

     He sings about the environment, about the need for world peace and the causes of war.  

     He sings about the globalisation of capital, how it concentrates more and more wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, and how to resist it.

     And ultimately, he delivers a message of hope. His vision is of a world where people can live and work together in harmony and co-operation, not conflict. A world where the needs of the many take precedence over the greed of the few.

DeeJay Gosper

Whether belting out the Blues or singing smooth Jazz, on the big stage or small Folk club, this gutsy entertainer connects with her audience and delivers a powerhouse performance full of natural open-hearted emotion.............You will be moved!

DeeJay will be backed by mighty musicians

Damien Neil and Christo Carlsen  -

both masterful guitarists with diverse musical backgrounds.

Audiences can expect some stunning guitar interplay and sublime vocal harmonies.

The String Contingent

    The String Contingent play new acoustic music for violin, double bass and guitar. Their compositions and performance combine the clarity and precision of baroque chamber music with the raw excitement and intensity of Scottish fiddle and Bluegrass. The String Contingent redefine the possibilities of a string trio in their own articulate and fluent style. They aim to broaden the traditional role of each instrument within the ensemble, with arrangements involving both structured and improvised elements.

    Chris and Holly met Graham when they moved to Edinburgh after touring Europe in 2007 with Australian band Eilean Mor and the Australian Youth Orchestra respectively. They collaborated with Edinburgh based band Allaidh Modhan, of whom Graham is a founding member, and toured Scotland and Ireland. Together they subsequently formed The String Contingent and began writing and arranging original acoustic string music.

Penny and Carl

    Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzo have decided to call themelves by their names, having been more widely recognised as the truthful and creative talents that they are in the world of folk and independent creativities. Their world-class musicianship is met with a humility that breaks down the stigma of the stage, such that their casual but considered and sometimes vulnerable offerings are received by an often captivated and private sense of audience.

    Among their own shows, festivals, house concerts and guest appearances, they have also supported the likes of Eddi Reader, Jose Feliciano, Nano Stern, Michael Kennedy and Simon Nield, who also for the most-part, recorded and played on their debut CD 'Black...and Blue'.

Kate Delaney and Denis Tracey

with Andy Saunders and Jane (Molly) Ellis

    This new line-up brings together four ‘vintage’ folk musicians – all singers and instrumentalists with a shared grounding in the Australian folk scene. Kate and Denis’s lead and harmony vocals with guitar and whistle, are supported by Andy and Jane’s vocals and accompaniments on fiddle, mandolin, keyboard, and accordion. Traditional and contemporary songs, with a fair share of country, will give you plenty to sing about and a chance to join in.

    Kate Delaney and Denis Tracey have been well-known performers in Australian folk music for many years, performing at all the major festivals including Woodford, Port Fairy and the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

Separately and together Kate and Denis have performed on television and radio, and appeared with international artists such as The Fureys, Clannad, The Battlefield Band, Andy Irvine, Martyn Wyndham-Read and Rory McLeod.

    Andy Saunders has been a popular singer and musician in the folk scene and has played in several bands over the years – Folk’sle, Steamshuttle, The Larrikins, Balmain Light Haulage and The Symbolics. He’s made recordings with numerous folk singers and musicians.

    Jane (Molly) Ellis is a local Braidwoodian. She has been singing and playing various instruments in folk bands, solo and in vocal groups since the 1970s. She was a member of the bush string band Free Selection and for many years played keyboard with Scottish dance band, Strathmannan.


Nicole Murray & John Thompson

Cloudstreet sweep aside musical boundaries and sing! They take traditional folk song, shake it vigorously, add exquisite harmonies and a mountain of fun to produce heart-lifting shows that excite, entertain and delight. Cloudstreet's Nicole Murray and John Thompson perform New Australian folk music, a combination of Anglo-Celtic and Australian traditional songs and tunes, coupled with trad-styled original songs. Their repertoire represents the many influences from around the world that have been blended to produce Australian folk music. Cloudstreet's music is acoustically-based, with roots in the English, Australian and Irish traditions, with an emphasis on innovative use of vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements to incorporate contemporary performance values into an ancient musical form. In concert, they deliver a powerful and moving musical experience, whether to dozens or thousands, They have gained a strong following in Australia and the United Kingdom as one of the most exciting and entertaining acts on the contemporary folk scene

Alanna and Alicia

    Alanna and Alicia are twin sisters who blend folk, jazz and roots in their original, acoustic songs. Their performances feature sweet, sibling harmonies and their lyrics sparkle with an original, intimate voice that is rare in songwriters today. As identical twins, they share a uniquely intuitive, creative partnership and have a natural musical rapport.

     They have had considerable recognition for their songwriting, winning awards at several national festivals. Both have been finalists in the Australian Songwriting Awards (Alicia 2009, Alanna top 10 acoustic song earlier) and Alicia won Best New Talent at Port Fairy in 1998.

    They have shared the stage with many talented acts including Eddi Reader (Scotland), Eleanor McEvoy (Ireland), Madison Violet (Canada), Kim Richey (USA), The Waifs, Jeff Lang, Clare Bowditch, Jen Cloher, Alex Burns, Kavisha Mazzella, Kerrieanne Cox, Lloyd Speigel, Jordie Lane and Tinpan Orange

Heather Blush

Heather Blush and The Uppercuts are a trio of rogue troubadours who knock the socks off every new audience they meet. Based in Calgary, Alberta, their sound can be described as somewhere between the "Adult Alternative" styles of Sarah Slean and Sarah Harmer, and old "Ella/Louis-style" vocal jazz/blues. Heather’s voice is often compared to Norah Jones and Maria Muldaur. With energetic, audience-engaging shows, she is quickly becoming known for songwriting that covers all bases between witty sarcasm and gut wrenching honesty.

Dingo's Breakfast

Roger Montgomery & John Angliss are "The Dingo's Breakfast Duo" (WA's most popular touring folk duo).

  When we're joined by Toby Montgomery we become a trio. When Meredith Higgins joins us we're a quartet and when we add Bruce Boyd, we are "The Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music and Poetry Band".

  Dingo's Breakfast is the perfect choice for any function with an Australian flavour, whether you are looking for Australian songs, Australian yarns and poems, a full-on bush music concert, or an old-time bush dance.

   Another string to the Dingo's Breakfast bow are our Radio Ballads - four of which were commissioned by the ABC FM 'Songs & Stories' programme. This type of show allows the audience to experience a melding of theatre and musical performance.

Jez Lowe

  Jez Lowe has built an enviable reputation as a songwriter and performer in the world of acoustic music, and as a recognised musical ambassador for his native North East England, with more than a dozen albums and countless live performances around the world over the last twenty years.

  Among those who have recorded their own versions of Lowe’s songs, are Fairport Convention, The Dubliners, The Tannahill Weavers, Cherish The Ladies, Gordon Bok, The McCalmans, The Black Brothers, Liam Clancy, Bob Fox and literally hundreds of others. Songs like BACK IN DURHAM GAOL, THE BERGEN, GREEK LIGHTNING and THESE COAL TOWN DAYS have generated scores of cover versions around the globe, and are now classics of their kind.

  He has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, both solo and with the Bad Pennies, including the main stages at Edmonton Festival (Canada), Tonder Festival (Denmark), The Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian (US), Port Fairy and Byron Bay Festivals (Australia) and at concerts and festivals in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, Holland, Germany and Spain.

Nigel Wearne

   Nigel Wearne is a country/folk singer-songwriter whose music has an intimate and poignant narrative. Equipped with personally handcrafted guitars, his music melds finger-style guitar, honky tonk, country twang and honest storytelling. With a hint of Hank Williams and influences including Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and the spirit of Woody

Guthrie, Nigel tells stories of mischievous bank robbers, wandering poets and his love of eggs.

    Nigel has performed at various music festivals throughout Australia, most recently at the 2012 Port Fairy Folk Festival, 2012 Gulgong Folk Festival and 2011 Tablelands Folk Festival.

    Nigel's current album 'Sweetest Delusion' is an entirely acoustic affair - "the kind of music that really speaks and it'd be a shame not to listen" (Forte Magazine). ‘With frayed poetic edges and honest grit, Nigel Wearne is capturing audiences across the country' (Beat Magazine).

Craig & Simone Dawson

   Simone and Craig perform original songs and instrumentals that cover a wide range of roots music styles including acoustic Blues, Ki Hoalu (Hawaiian slack key) along with Celtic and Country Music influences.

    Their original songs are often poignant and hard -hitting ballads that explore a variety of political and sensitive social topics. Craig and Simone are also known for their ability to get their audiences laughing and singing along. Together they are well known regulars on the festival circuit and have performed at many venues including the Woodford Folk Festival, the National Folk Festival and the Sydney Acoustic Guitar Festival.

Soursob Bob

   Soursob Bob has been performing and recording his songs over a ten year period, travelling to folk festivals around the country.

    He has done this unperturbed by changes in musical fashion, and seemingly oblivious to public indifference and standards of decency.

    He has played at Celtic music festivals, performing his song “My Afghani Heritage”, and performed political songs at camel races in outback Queensland .

    His delivery has been described as deadpan, and he has been compared to Billy Bragg and John Schumann.

    He takes himself very seriously, even if no one else does. He is wanted in five states for these offences

Supporting Soursob Bob

Shenanigans Quartet

   Come and be surprised by the sound that is barbershop!!!

    Shenanigans Quartet, a women's barbershop group, will entertain you with a repertoire that includes Australian and Celtic numbers as well as some more traditional American barbershop songs (except they promise not to sing "by the light of the silvery moon"! - and they don't wear boater hats!!).

    Shenanigans performed at the 2012 Canberra Multicultural Festival and more recently at the Queanbeyan Ceilidh hosted by Queanbeyan Pipes and Drums.

    Come and hear an exciting blend of a cappella voices and new interpretations of some well known songs.

Jenny M Thomas & The System

   It was 2009 when Australian artist Jenny M. Thomas began a series of urban bush band sessions – gigs where every week a new crop of musicians would join her ‘bush band’ and improvise through a playlist of traditional Australian songs. Out of this series she picked only the bravest musicians to form her band, named after the system which transported convicts to Australian penal colonies. It was known simply as ‘The System’. With Dan Witton on double bass, Chris Lewis on Drumkit and Jenny on vocals/fiddle and piano, their first gig was a live-to-air broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporations Radio National’s ‘The Music Show’ (no pressure…) after which they spent a year playing weekly in preparation for their debut album recording.

    Since the release of their album ‘Bush Gothic’ in August 2011 they have spent the rest of the year touring Australia. The band have supported live  acts Ruthie Foster, Pierre Bensusan, been recorded live in concert by the ABCs ‘Music Deli’ at The Melbourne Recital Centre plus performed live on Radio National’s ‘The Music Show’. Festival performances include the 2010 Cygnet Folk Festival and the 2011 National Folk Festival.

Jane, Kate, Denis and Andy at the National Festival, Canberra, Easter, 2011.

Daniel Champagne

Daniel delivers one of the most impressive one-man shows out there, reaching to musical depths far beyond his years. He has a way with the guitar that has to be seen to be believed and often sounds closer to a three-piece band than a 20-year old singer/songwriter/guitarist.  His playing runs from the instruments soul to way outside the box. A signature explosion of two-hand tapping, body percussion and fiery runs in a swag of different tunings can be expected, as can the jazzy fingerpicking and tasteful improvisation of someone that first picked up the instrument at seven years and as it would seem, hasn't put it down since.  "Proof that the acoustic guitar's only limit is our imagination" (Lloyd Spiegel);

"Probably the best young guitarist in Australia" (IFC President).

The same versatility can be found in his writing and choice of material. Pulling off sets from intense blues-driven crowd-pleasers, experimental compositions and bags of originals, to century-old Folk or Blues songs.

As for the voice: 'He sings with a wonderfully pronounced and proud Aussie twang, howling here, hushed there, always confident, fearless and knowing' (Jamie Forbes)

Heather Blush Dingo's Breakfast Jez Lowe # #

Ruby’s Rebellion

   Dorothy-Jane was one-third of the vocal trio, The Blues Cowgirls and has fronted KarismaKatz and the Hot Flush Blues Band.  She is a vocal finalist in the 2012 Australian Blues Music ‘Chain’ Awards, has recently toured with Blues gals, Fiona Boyes and Ali Penney.  Her band has been busy swinging and shuffling it’s way around Australia for the first half of 2012 and performed at the 2012 Fiji International Jazz and Blues Festival in May.

   Dorothy-Jane describes Ruby’s Rebellion as “a tight acoustic Rootsy Jazzy Blues-infused vibe and a chance to sing many of my original songs…  songs that don’t fit into any particular genre - from my rebellious youth to my rebellious present!”  She adds that she is thrilled with her latest EP ‘Stick Around’ (her 5th cd since 2008), the title track being inspired by her surviving breast cancer. “This song is about many of the things I love about being alive!”

   Performing with Dorothy-Jane in Ruby’s Rebellion is Baz Cooper (accordion), Paul Leeder (bass guitar) and Mikey Stratford (percussion).

Francesca Sidoti

   “An amazing songwriter” (Faster Louder). “An emotive and poetic writer” (AU Review).“A dulcet voice and whimsical lyrics” (Rave Magazine). “Smiles and laughter” (Drum Media). As part of the new generation of Australian singer-songwriters, Francesca Sidoti’s performances have been garnering rave reviews as she tours Australia, promoting her album ‘Bright City Light Fool’.

   Winner of the prestigious Lis Johnston Award for Vocal Excellence in 2006 and a figure of the Blue Mountains, Cobargo, Illawarra, Wallaby Creek, Yackandandah and National music festivals from the time she was 16, Francesca’s music reflects the soundtrack she has been surrounded by, the likes of Nina Simone, and Janis Ian.

   Since the release of the album, Francesca has played close to every state and territory in the country, bagged high rankings in the AMRAP charts for her single ‘Happy’, supported the likes of Eleanor McEvoy and Steve Poltz and wooed audiences from Cooktown to Hobart

   Francesca’s songs aren’t easy to define. A blend of retro pop, folk ballads, and occasional slips into gospel and blues, they’re songs that have a sound, harking back to the integrity of guitar creaks and foot stomps. “Bright City Light Fool” is her debut release.

Flash Company

which is Jane Ellis & co.

   After singing in Canberra, Braidwood and Music at the Creek under a variety of names (Jane Ellis and Friends/Bows and Yokes), the newly named Flash Company will be bringing their repertoire of songs to the Braidwood Folk Club

    Come along and sing out the old year and welcome the new! With a mix of traditional and contemporary folk songs and a poem or two, they will be celebrating stories of love, friendship and the seasons as well as songs about Christmas. In the way of good folk

songs, most have easy choruses and harmonies and will give you a chance to join in.

    Flash Company is made up of singers Jane ‘Molly’ Ellis of Braidwood, Jane Campbell, Cliff Gilbert and Mick Fogarty, all of Canberra, all long time ‘folky’ friends, who enjoy their singing in the spirit of having a good session and including everybody! They will be joined by Maggie Murphy, a traditional singer and reciter from Victoria, and Lawrence Osborn, a singer and musician from Sydney and also known to many as a musician for the Black Joak Morris dancers.

    Supporting Flash Company will be some of Braidwood’s local talented musicians – Ela and Jarrah Parsons, playing expertly on their fiddles with music to warm your heart strings!

Lucie Thorne

 "I’m still getting over the show South Coast singer/songwriter Lucie Thorne put on at the Mullumbimby Bowling Club last week. Maybe it’s not specifically roots music in style, but in my book there’s nothing more ‘roots’ than someone standing up there and spellbinding an audience with nothing but a guitar and a voice.

    Switching between clean and just slightly driven channels on her little Mesa Boogie amp, adding a little colour with a tremelo pedal, Thorne accomplished what all great folk singers have - a genuine conversation/duet with her guitar. Thorne has put so much thought and feel into not only the structure but the tone of her live performance, that you don’t miss the lack of a band for a second.

Live review  from The Mullum Bowlo, 17/06/09; Martin Jones, ‘Roots Down’, Drum Media.


"Jeff Beck meets Ravi Shankar on the set of 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' while dancing in Rio"

    A twisted tale of Indian, Blues, Celtic, Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass, and adventure. Fringe Award nominee Josh Bennett (Best Music) joins the genre-hopping antics of Andrew Clermont and the extraordinary vocals and dance of Parvyn (daughter of the renowned singer Dya Singh) to form BluGuru. All bets are off when it comes to what will happen at each show, with the genre and instrumentation changing from one song to the next, but you can expect soaring vocal harmonies, blistering guitar and fiddle, and then 'instrument guest appearances' by such as sitar, tabla, mandolin, banjo, didgeridoo, and of course, Parvyn's shaker.

The Ellis Collective

 ‘Means What It Means’ is the long awaited debut album from Triple J Unearthed winners The Ellis Collective, with Richard Kingsmill himself praising the “classic Australian sound” of their studio release.

Winning Unearthed is just one of many highlights in a massive year that has seen them feature on the program of Australia’s largest regional touring festival ‘Groovin The Moo’ beside international names including Architecture In Helsinki, Data Rock and House of Pain.  No strangers to a festival stage, The Ellis Collective’s recent successes are testament to their distinctive brand of songwriting that has also won over festival crowds at Australia’s iconic Woodford Music Festival and National Folk Festivals.  They have also had the honour of working alongside some of the best in the business including Gotye, Washington and US folk punk legends Tom Gabel (Against Me!) and Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music).

Rough Red

   Rough Red is a five piece originals band variously described as folk/rock, folk/roots, world music, Irish and once by the committee of the Roscrea Music Festival in Ireland where we headlined with Arlo Guthrie, as a rock band with a bit of f@#**&^% diddly doo!'

   Rough Red puts on a show; we were recently castigated by a club owner who said that while we played no one went to the bar! The music offers drama, pathos, colour and out and out, get off your arse and dance type fun, no one goes home disappointed. We hope you enjoy it!

     WHO's WHO in ROUGH RED:- JOHN FEGAN | lead vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar STEVE TYSON | acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, vocals PETER HARVEY | accordion, piano, mandolin, vocals JOHN BARR | bass guitar, vocals DAVE PARNELL | drums, percussion, vocals

Jo and Rita


Exquisitely beautiful music from the Celtic tradition

This duo will inspire and soothe you with their contemporary and traditional Scottish and Celtic music, the odd foray into Scandinavia and original compositions.  Jo Cresswell brings great beauty and a lightness of touch on piano and concertina and Rita Woolhouse creates a warm undertow of richness on cello.

With acclaimed appearances at the Cobargo, Majors Creek, and National Celtic Festivals, and an exquisite new CD 'Elysium', they are making a name for themselves on the Australian folk scene.

Support Act:  Miranda Bradley

Miranda Bradley is an established singer/songwriter, having played in Adelaide-based bands since the early 1990's (Raw Honey, The Standard Deviations, Fruit, Kai's Dilemma). Inspired by the likes of Indigo Girls, Susanne Vega, and While & Matthews, her songs reflect our desire to create and to connect; the warmth of her performance provides an opportunity to do just that.